Información de la droga para ERYTHROCIN STEARATE (erythromycin stearate tablets, USP) Filmtab Tablets (Abbott Laboratories): DESCRIPTION

  • ERYTHROCIN STEARATE Filmtab tablets (erythromycin stearate tablets, USP) are an antibacterial product containing the stearate salt of erythromycin in a unique film coating.

    Erythromycin is produced by a strain of Saccharopolyspora erythraea (formerly Streptomyces erythraeus) and belongs to the macrolide group of antibiotics. It is basic and readily forms salts with acids. Erythromycin is a white to off-white powder, slightly soluble in water, and soluble in alcohol, chloroform, and ether. Erythromycin stearate is known chemically as erythromycin octadecanoate. The molecular formula of erythromycin stearate is C37H67NO13•C18H36O2, and the molecular weight is 1018.43. The structural formula is:

  • 250 mg tablet

  • Cellulosic polymers, corn starch, D&C Red No. 7, polacrilin potassium, polyethylene glycol, povidone, propylene glycol, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, sodium citrate, sorbic acid, sorbitan monooleate and titanium dioxide.

  • 500 mg tablet

  • Cellulosic polymers, cornstarch, FD&C Red No. 3, magnesium hydroxide, polacrilin potassium, povidone, propylene glycol, sorbitan monooleate, titanium dioxide and vanillin.

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