Información de la droga para DIPYRIDAMOLE TABLETS, USP (Barr Laboratories, Inc.): Adverse Reactions

  • Adverse reactions at therapeutic doses are usually minimal and transient. On long-term use of dipyridamole initial side effects usually disappear. The following reactions were reported in two heart valve replacement trials comparing dipyridamole and warfarin therapy to either warfarin alone or warfarin and placebo:





    Dizziness13.6 %8.2 %
    Abdominal distress6.1 %3.5 %
    Headache2.3 %0.0 %
    Rash2.3 %1.1 %

    Other reactions from uncontrolled studies include diarrhea, vomiting, flushing and pruritus. In addition, angina pectoris has been reported rarely, and there have been rare reports of liver dysfunction. On those uncommon occasions when adverse reactions have been persistent or intolerable, they have ceased on withdrawal of the medication.

    When dipyridamole was administered concomitantly with warfarin, bleeding was no greater in frequency or severity than that observed when warfarin was administered alone.

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