Información de la droga para ADRENACLICK™ (epinephrine injection, USP) auto-injector (Sciele Pharma, Inc. ): DESCRIPTION

  • Adrenaclick™ auto-injector contains 1.1 mL epinephrine injection, USP (1 mg/mL), from which one dose of either 0.15 mg (0.15 mL) or 0.3 mg (0.3 mL) each is available for use by injection. The dose is administered by autoinjection after the patient prepares and fires Adrenaclick™ as directed. The remaining volume is not available for use and should be discarded. See PATIENT DIRECTIONS FOR USE on the accompanying Patient Information Leaflet.

    This single, available dose of epinephrine injection, USP contains either 0.15 mg or 0.3 mg l-epinephrine, sodium chloride, chlorobutanol and sodium bisulfite, all sealed under nitrogen.

    Epinephrine is a sympathomimetic catecholamine. Its naturally occurring l-isomer, which is twenty times as active as the d-isomer, is obtained in pure form by separation from the synthetically produced racemate.

    Chemically, epinephrine is 1-(3,4-dihydroxyphenyl)-2-(methylamino) ethanol with the following structure:

    Epinephrine deteriorates rapidly on exposure to air or light, turning pink from oxidation to adrenochrome and brown from the formation of melanin. Epinephrine solutions that show evidence of discoloration should be discarded.

    Adrenaclick contains no latex.

  • Drug Information Provided by National Library of Medicine (NLM).